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“Those who wish
to sing, always
find a song.” 







#1 Secret of Life?
I Am That I Am
I Am That, I Am


And If That Is The Secret, You Can Be What You Believe

Welcome to
Being Human


Discover How Others Have Overcome

How Someone Just Like You Can Move Forward


Life Does Not Play Favorites

But It Does Reward Good Thinking

And Good Thinking Is Often Just A Good Song Away




“A song will
outlive all sermons
in the memory.”






Well, That's Life was created by a group of well-natured individuals who scratched about looking for a unique project that could address some alarming societal trends. Suffice to say, there's no need to list them point by point. It's bad out there. Most thoughtful people feel it deeply.

Life on our lovely Planet for billions of Souls is quite, how shall we say, downright miserable. Although Egos love to blame someone else,


Apparently not all of us are happy campers. Of the current 7.2 billion traipsing about, one every forty-seconds decides to exit stage left under their own direction. Over the course of one year, over 1 million souls pack it in by their own accord. Permanent decisions for what we all know to be temporary human conditions.

That being said, far more live lives of quiet desperation. Un-noticed, they live in a world of self-repudiation, upset and chaos. No peace at hand. They just don't wish to be who they've become. Some with horrific circumstances to tolerate. Far greater still, with some overlap, are the sheer numbers who alter their state of being through illicit and sanctioned means.

Something has gone a little wonky. Daily headlines tell a tale of absolute horror. And depending on your actual geographical cellphone equipedd GPS location

We've got

On to a happier note. This month's theme song captures he essence of Well that's Life, a cross-over tune called Waiting On The Wonderful by Canadian artist Aaron Lines. Have a listen to the lyrics and we think you'll agree -- Waiting On The Wonderful is a marvelous bandwagon tune for many souls meandering about this planet. Seeking something out of the ordinary, something wonderful to make an appearance in their lives.

And it turns out to be a huge constituency who are "tired of the typical and waiting on the wonderful". Massive in fact. Collectively unhappy in record numbers.

under construction
Throw in

We thought there's a broad spectrum of trouble-spots that could sure use a fresh look and novel approach -- or at least dovetail unobtrusively into existing efforts.

Our "It's way too easy to live this life with your eyes half-closed," It was

some of us wonder if it'll get any better and if it's worth scraping along any further.

go ahead Google it) the following is highlighted as being universally shared amongst humans. Apparently everywhere on this planet, at any given moment, an exasperated person turns to the drama at hand and simply says: "Well, That's Life," and smartly adds "and you better get used to it". Fifty-three percent add "you little bugger" in native terminology.

It seems to sum up a mature sentiment that generations have shared. Life is what it is, unexpected and often times unwanted. But That's Life. The good the bad the indifferent. Dealing with It goes without saying that generations are lucky if they can pass along

hrase in that wacky world of phrase-e-ol-ogy that each generation insist on sharing with their prodigy. When it's all said and done, each generation will do their very best to impart a little knowledge about life. The Big Picture type of thing. Not easy to do, but if they can escape this planet knowing just a few of those lessons are now hard-wired into their kids or close acquaintances, they can feel alright about their journey called being Human.

And maybe even fewer phrases that are passed along. Things like "Put Your Best Foot Forward" or "Keep Your Chin Up" survive the generational gap that is apparent only to the living. but not one can match a parent looking at his brood and tossing out the phrase "Well, that's Life" and smartly adding "get used to it". Often that was followed by "you little bugger", if they were lucky.

Well, That's Life the web-property attempts to address that "get used to it" aspect for the lonely and disenfranchised souls.

under construction
And it partly explains how a simple one hour-project turned into this rather larger than planned web property. Like the song, we were looking for something a little out of the ordinary. Apparently we felt something a little different was needed in one monster of a social issue -- not wanting to be on Planet Earth any longer.

Not an easy topic to be sure. Poke around the internet. t's a good thing.

site is intended for all troubled souls wandering, probably late-night, the dark hallways of the internet looking for answers to modern day dilemmas.

In its simplest form, this website is a distraction to those who wish to commit suicide. That's the hope anyway. Distract and educate the suicidal long enough to show them Life is much more than the momentary circumstance.

"I'm waitin on the wonderful, a little something to believe.
Out of the ordinary, to come and rescue me" Aaron Lines, Songwriter.


This website project is dedicated to all good-things celebrating Life through song and video. A reminder of sorts, that regardless of where we find ourselves at this moment in time, we were once our very best and can be once more. Begin Again Anytime.
Feel free to contribute your links

We don't expect that all content will suit all tastes. That's not the intended purpose. What we do hope is that you'll poke around, look, listen and maybe contribute something, anything that can move you into "good thinking". And good music can do that for you instantly. Get a soundtrack for your life.